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Date Posted: Aug 02, 2022
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Name: Leah Murray Neill
Date Posted: Mar 24, 2022
Message: Genius work from a genius mind. Xoxox
Name: Meagan
Date Posted: Jan 28, 2022
Message: Supernaut still haunts me a decade on. Miss you and Zero
Name: Dingleheim
Date Posted: Nov 26, 2021
Message: Obligatory guestbook post because I am being berated and forced into it.

I love you man, keep up the amazing work <3
Name: The Captain
Date Posted: Nov 24, 2021
Message: Some things in life truly need to be seen to be believed. Remarkable. Not a single person has set foot in my home without raving about the pieces I have been lucky enough to acquire. The talent behind these works knows no bounds.
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